Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marketing Is More Than Sales.

The internet can accomplish much more than just enabling a sales transaction. Let's review some typical corporate requirements, including the Product/Service Development Cycle, the Marketing Cycle , the Sales Cycle and the Support Cycle. The internet can have an impact across several corporate processing requirements :

1) Product/Service Development Cycle:
-Market research
-Product development
-Beta test or focus group
-Product launch
-Product modification

2) Marketing Cycle:
-Marketing plan
-Advertising plan
-Corporate/Product image
-Sales plan

3) Sales Cycle:

4) Support Cycle:
-Pre-sales support
-Post-purchase support

Kettle With A Bird - Shaped Whistle

Adding to the famous series of Alessi kettles, this simple and highly practical form is given a sturdy bright blue plastic handle and is completed with thw delightful bird-shaped whistle. Although unmistakably modern, it echoes its ancestors with a ring of raised dots just above the base, reminding us of the rivets once used to secure base to body. The rivet pattern has become a trademark of the extensive Graves family of kitchen and tableware. This kettle has the glossy finish of stainless steel.
(Resource : Alessi:Art and Poetry by Fay Sweet)