Friday, March 5, 2010

tEdDy BeArS...!!!

Example teddy bears as a gift :




As you all knows, some girl like a gift. Especially from someone special. Most girl like their partners give them gift like teddy bears. So, to guys, impress someone special with teddy bears by adding beautiful artificial flower bouquets to your teddy bear gifts for even more impression and make special someone smile! But don't shock because maybe we not know that some guys have teddy bears. It not be a big issue about that because to me it is normal. As long as he still a pure guys.

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ChOkI - cHoKi...!!!

It's a pack of five sticks of chocolate paste.

Costs RM1.00 and other store RM1.20 for one pack.

How to eat:

Step 1: Tear off top.

Step 2: Squeeze out chocolate paste

Step 3: Lick/suck it up, or put it on some bread.

It's a very, very old snack, but is also very good. Has been around since I was a kid, but haven't had some in a very long time. I want to get more already!

A definite must-try for chocolate lovers.

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