Saturday, April 16, 2011


cakap pasal perfect.. sume org perfect ke kat dunia ni.. mmm.. (thinking)..

sorry.. i'm not perfect as others.. ade sesetgh org tu die pikir die perfect sgt2 sampai nak rendah2 kan org lain.. (sgt terase ngan sorg kawan tu).. hello.. its irritating okay..

as i know, in this world.. no one is perfect.. but.. some people says he/she is perfect.. i think they only shows their perfect things but hide the bad things..

hipocrit right..?? oh My God.. please la.. be urself.. jgn jadi indah khabar dari rupe jerr.. hahahaha.. ape ni.. bukan talam dua muke ke.. huhuhu.. whatever..!!

so guys.. as human, we must controlled ourself.. but there is a limit.. think about it okay.. chiawww..

ahh.. asal nak kene ade pic ni lak.. uhh.. do i cares..

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